We provide a safe, fun environment and highly-experienced and enthusiastic coaches.

Our goal is to provide each student with support, encouragement and training necessary to reach their goals — whether they’re just with us to have fun, to explore and develop their aerial & circus skills, or as part of their pursuit of a professional career.

While flying trapeze is Revolution’s main focus we also offer classes in a variety of circus disciplines from conditioning and clowning to static trapeze and fabric.  We’re always expanding and looking for exciting new ways to explore the circus world so check back often to see what we’re up to.  If there is a circus discipline you’d like to try let us know, we’ll do what we can to accommodate you or help find you someone who can!

Speaking of highly-experienced and enthusiastic coaches. . .

Below you can learn more about everyone on our team – make sure you study hard – then try to creep out your coaches during class with the random facts you know about them – don’t reveal your source! Of course that means you have to sign-up for a class first.

Latest News and Events

2 days ago

Revolution Trapeze

Workshop update:

Most importantly - there is still space for you to join both our Saturday and Sunday workshops!

Second most important - The theme for the workshop show will be: American Heroes! As always that can mean whatever you want it to, maybe a comic book hero, maybe a real person, maybe the hero you think we need!

Third most important - Workshops start in less than two weeks, so sign up soon to reserve your spot!

Nitty Gritty - Workshop participants are allowed one make-up per workshop (not counting weather cancellations). We will do our best to keep make up students informed about when their workshop catcher is working so they can try and fly to the same catcher
- Show is on July 6th at 6:30
- Show warm ups at 5:00-6:00
- Post show dinner and drinks TBD
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3 days ago

Revolution Trapeze
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Meet Our Team

Jon Wells
Jon WellsFounder, Co-owner and Head Coach
Jon Wells began studying aerial circus arts in 2002 at University of New Hampshire; by 2003 he was helping structure the program and teaching underclassmen. After graduating with a BA in theater in 2006 he moved to Vermont where he discovered flying trapeze and began training as a catcher and flying instructor.

Jon has taught flying trapeze at the New England Center for Circus Arts, Trapeze School of New York and I.Fly Trapeze.

Rich Ridolfo
Rich RidolfoFounder, Co-owner and Flying Trapeze Coach
Rich is chief of the semi-trained circus monkey clan whose lives are dedicated to the constant betterment of Revolution Trapeze. We also occasionally let him work with the public, though for his safety and that of others we are always careful to feed him before we let him out.
Meredith Wells
Meredith WellsCo-owner and Flying Trapeze Coach
Meredith has dedicated nearly three decades to the study and art of movement. About 23 years into that dedication she took her first flying trapeze class and immediately fell in love, little did she know it would lead her to finding her perfect match, Jon Wells. Now she is chasing the dream of owning a small business with her husband doing something they both love. When she isn’t “hanging” around at Revolution you can find her taking a ballet class and performing around the Boston area or teaching at Walnut Hill Community Dance Program. After eleven years of dancing professionally this is the best “retirement” she could have ever imagined.
Andrew David Harris
Andrew David HarrisFlying Trapeze Coach
Andrew wanted to be a flying trapeze artist since the first time he saw it performed one year when the circus came to Providence. He and his family went every year, but no act ever captivated him like the flying trapeze did! After then, starting at 8 years old, he trained gymnastics in preparation and was able to break into trapeze while in college. He’s been flying ever since and has loved every minute of it!
Austin Critchlow
Austin CritchlowFlying Trapeze Coach
Austin began his flying career at the age of three, only after hours of convincing from his mother. Since that time, Austin has honed his passion for circus arts, has developed skills on flying trapeze and static trapeze, and has recently taken up catching. He has flown at numerous rigs including Revolution, TSNY, FFA, and various Club Meds, and he looks forward to sharing his accumulated experiences and knowledge with other students at Revolution.

When not flying through the air, Austin practices competitive swimming and enjoys cooking and watching airplanes.

Keira Moore
Keira MooreFlying Trapeze Coach & Littlest Catcher
Keira was having a rough week in early September 2012 and wanted to do something fun – enter: flying trapeze! Her life was forever changed after that first ready-hup when she successfully completed an award-winning knee hang on her first try (pretty sure it was perfect).

When she’s not gracing us with her presence, she is the boss of behavior analysis. She is currently the smallest trapeze catcher in the world. In her downtime, Keira stays busy being a doctor, training Molly’s cat to be a concert pianist, and performing duo trapeze with Emily as Double Helix.

Keira’s favorite holiday is Labarrrr Day – because she likes to dress up as a Pirate (and we all know that’s how you celebrate that holiday) and it’s her fly-aversary!

Barbara Critchlow
Barbara CritchlowFlying Trapeze Coach
Barbara first tried the flying trapeze on a Club Med vacation and was instantly hooked. She’s been chasing the thrill of flying through the air ever since. She’s flown on rigs around the world, including Singapore and worked for Tito Gaona, TSNY, Fearless Flyers Academy and Revolution Trapeze. As much as she loves flying, she also loves teaching flying trapeze, especially to beginners who are afraid of heights.

Barbara says the adrenaline rush that comes from conquering your fears never gets old.

Courtney Lyn Patriacca
Courtney Lyn PatriaccaFlying Trapeze Coach & Video Extraordinaire
Courtney has been training for the circus almost her whole life. At the tender age of four she started her career in gymnastics which lead her to state championships and eventually coaching other little gym rats. After leaving gymnastics, Courtney was still looking for the physical exertion and adrenaline rush that gymnastics gave her. She started to train on silks and static trapeze, but the high flying trapeze fills that role and more for her.

Courtney is also a video wiz. When she’s not flying in the air she can be caught editing movies and creating motion graphics for film and television.

John Frat
John FratFlying Trapeze Coach
John has been flying for over 15 years. It all started on vacation at a Club Med in Turks & Cacaos; a SCUBA Diving vacation turned trapeze adventure and immediately he fell in love with it. OK, it may have taken some arm twisting because he was a little afraid of heights! For the first few years John’s vacations revolved around where he could fly. Over the years He has worked and flown on at least a dozen rigs, and learned from many amazing Instructors, Flyers, Catchers, and Amazing Students.

John has been catching for 10 years. He loves the challenge of figuring out the timing of each student so that the catch is almost effortless.

Leah Abel
Leah AbelCoach
Leah James Abel spent her youth springing about in Massachusetts, Florida, NYC and Colorado. She has been performing and teaching from New York to China and Korea — dancing, clowning, stilting, twisting around trapezes, or parading around with someone on her shoulders for over 15 years. Leah is the Co-founder of Circus Up, a social circus organization, bringing circus to underserved communities. Leah holds a Masters in Social Work. Her favorite is to work with Clowns Without Borders. Leah has been a company member and freelancer in NYC, perfecting her funny persona and aerial skills (Cirque Boom and Kirkos), and for over two years she frolicked and toured with Imago Theatre. Leah works for Big Apple Circus Clown Care at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Currently, Leah is teaching all things Aerials around the Boston area. Leah also surprisingly completed her Masters in Environmental Law and Policy, but Leah loves the circus world and is happiest there.

Margaret Butterfield
Margaret ButterfieldFlying Trapeze Coach
Margaret came to flying trapeze in 2009 out of a desire to add some excitement to her life, and has never looked back. She enjoys all aspects of helping people learn to fly – but particularly loves catching and seeing the flyer’s exhilarated smile as they make a catch. When not at our rig, she is working on her dissertation AND working as the Flying Trapeze Program Director of the New England Center for Circus Arts. What she lacks in stature she makes up for in tattoos and unnecessary advanced degrees.

Margaret lives in Westhampton with her dog, Dashiell (who, like his owner, harbors dreams of running away to join the circus), and her fiancee, Henry (who teaches all things circus).

Meggie Ito
Meggie ItoFlying Trapeze Coach
Meggie Ito has been flying for the last 3 years and returns to Revolution Trapeze for another amazing season. Her smile, quick wit and know-how will put even the most nervous flyers at ease.

She is a wiz at working with kids, has performed on static trapeze and lyra, and isn’t afraid to put on a tutu and dance around. Say hello to Meg when you see her around!

Molly Baechtold
Molly BaechtoldCoach
Meow! Molly loves cats and the Backstreet Boys. When she’s not at home cuddling with her cat (who she found in the parking lot at the old trapeze location in Reading), she teaches static trapeze, silks, and flying trapeze. Molly started her circus career as a tiny dancer in the back woods of NH. After a failed career as a bear wrestler, Molly decided to go to college. During her studies at UNH she learned circus arts and performed with the UNH dance company.

Since graduating, she has performed throughout the New England area and performs aerials at Royale Nightclub in Boston. Molly’s teaching style is excessively nice and she loves to tell students how “guuuuuud” they are. For more about Molly check out mollybaechtold.com.

Seth Mleziva
Seth MlezivaFlying Trapeze Coach
Seth first discovered trapeze while on vacation at Club Med almost 20 years ago. That first knee-hang catch developed into a life long love of all things trapeze and circus which led him to become a catcher, instructor, and learn rigging.

Seth has flown, worked, and trained at several rigs with everyone from beginners to some of the best known professionals in circus. Forever grateful for the lessons and encouragement that he has been given, he loves nothing better than paying that forward and helping others learn, accomplish, and enjoy circus arts as much as he does.

“One of the best experiences of my life! I can’t wait to go again! I still can’t believe I did it!”
Jessica H.
“We had such a wonderful time flying here! I went with my three kids and it was so much fun. The people are fabulous and the outdoor rig is in such a beautiful place. Go, if you get the chance!”
Melinda Y.
“If you are stuck in your life for one reason or another and just need to feel as free as you were as a child, come check them out. It is worth every dime. How many times have you done something you remembered forever?”
Sarah L.

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