Find Revolution Trapeze

Revolution Trapeze is located at Crow Island Airpark in Stow, MA.


Our parking is located next to the rig in Crow Island Airpark. Please do not drive or walk across the airfield to get to the parking area. Once you enter the airpark, there is a road that goes around the airfield and ends at the rig.


From Route 117 in Stow, take a left onto Hastings Street. At the end of Hastings Street, take a left onto White Pond Road.

As you travel along White Pond Road, you will pass a golf club on your right, and cross a bridge over the Assabet River. Once you are past the bridge, take a right onto a dirt road, and drive down the dirt road until you see Crow Island Airpark on your right.

The dirt road, Track Road, is part of the Assabet River Rail Trail network and is a shared walking, running, biking and vehicle trail. Please be respectful of pedestrians and bikers, and yield the right of way to them at all times while using the road.

Turn right into Crow Island Airpark, and follow the road around the airfield, to your right, to the rig on the other side of the airfield.

Please note that even though your GPS may route you to Crow Island via Sudbury Road, the gate at the intersection of Sudbury Road and Track Road is usually locked. You will not be able to access Track Road from that end. Please also schedule at least an extra 5 minutes to traverse Track Road and around the airfield beyond your GPS time estimate.

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