Our flying trapeze classes consist of three parts: instruction, practice and catching. Classes are 120 minutes (two hours) in length, with the last 30 minutes reserved for catching.

Class size is limited to 8-10 students depending on class length. Every class is staffed with a minimum of three coaches who will work the pedestal board (where you takeoff from), spotting lines (where we keep you safe from) and catching (where we catch you and make everyone look like a star) positions. All three coaches will provide insight and instruction during the class and until the catching portion of class there will always be a coach free to provide additional feedback and coaching to those students waiting for their next turn.

At the beginning of each class, new students will have “ground school” where they will spend five or ten minutes with the coaches discussing our safety rules and what they’ll be learning in class, during this time students will be fitted into a safety belt. First time flyers will learn to do a knee hang on the fly bar so they can swing with their hands free and get ready for the catcher. Returning students will have a brief discussion with the coaches about what they’re currently working on and review their short and long term goals.

After ground school and a brief demo for the new folks, students begin flying.   The majority of class time (about 90 minutes) will be spent practicing — if you’re not climbing the ladder to take your turn, you’re either flying or getting feedback on the ground. All first time flyers and most experienced flyers will wear a safety belt throughout class so they are always attached to our spotting lines and assisted by a coach while they are in the air. Everyone always flies over the safety net. Most classes move quickly and first time flyers are often surprised at how quickly they progress, and how fast two hours slips by.

About 40 minutes before the end of class the catcher will have a brief discussion with the flyers (that’s you!) about what to expect during the catching portion of class. Students will then have two chances to perform their skill and be caught by the catcher.

At the end of class, flyers will have a chance to talk with their coaches about their class and what to expect in future classes. They may also get tips on things they can work on both in and out of class to maximize their flying potential.

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Class Pricing

Flying trapeze classes are normally $60/class – but we have a few options for the frequent flyer to help you save some of your hard-earned cash.

Class Cards

Class cards are available for students who plan on flying multiple times throughout the season.  Flying Trapeze cards are available for  7, 15, and 21 classes and provide discounts of up to 20% off of our regular class pricing.

Class Card Pricing

  • 7 Classes: $385
  • 14 Classes: $725
  • 21 Classes: $1025
  • Workshops: $275

To purchase a class card, ask any staff member or call 617.575.9005

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great gift for a frequent flyer, or a friend you KNOW would love to fly. They are available in any denomination and can be used towards flying trapeze and aerial classes, conditioning,  any other class, or merchandise.

“I liked your [Stretch & Strengthen] class. Next time I was in yoga, I found myself able to do splits on both sides for the first time in years.”
“A++, would fly again! You’d think having knees that don’t really bend would be a big detriment to flying trap, but everyone went out of their way to get me up there safely and comfortably and make the landings as gentle as possible.”
Bonnie D.
“I went to my first class today and it was amazing. Nothing to be scared of. Everything to be excited about. You will learn a lot. Thanks to Jon, Amy, and Meredith for a great learning experience. Catch you on the flip side!”
Melissa L.

WHAT? That sounds amazing!

I definitely want to try this