Want to Improve Your Flying Faster? Stretch and Strengthen!

Revolution’s stretch and strengthen class takes place at The Dance Complex in Central Square Cambridge. The class focuses on increasing hip, back and shoulder mobility and strengthening the core, back and shoulders for dancers, circus artists and movers of all abilities. Whether you’re looking for deeper splits, more extension, better sevens or just an all-around better and heathier you we’ll help you along your journey.

Class structure includes warmup exercises integrated directly into mobility and strength work. We draw from backgrounds in dance and circus to maximize every participant’s experience. Each class targets a different area of the body with specific stretches and stretching sequences. Conditioning exercises will build and repeat so participants can be in touch with their progress as both their strength and mobility increase.

To take part in the next Stretch and Strengthen class, simply show up at the Dance Complex! No need to pre-register.

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Long awaited update:
We have landlord approval to open the rig in a beautiful setting in Stow Ma. this summer and beyond!!! Right now we're dealing with getting all the town permits taken care of and while the process is slower than we would like it is moving forward. We'll update with more details as things progress.

We realize Stow is a bit more out of the way than Watertown and our eyes and ears are still open for opportunities closer to the city, but the space in Stow is beautiful and we think more than makes up for the increase in travel. As things progress we'll take a look at scheduling and make adjustments as needed to accommodate people's commutes.

Can't wait to get back in the air with all of you and continue to build our Revolution community!
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“I liked your [Stretch & Strengthen] class. Next time I was in yoga, I found myself able to do splits on both sides for the first time in years.”
“A++, would fly again! You’d think having knees that don’t really bend would be a big detriment to flying trap, but everyone went out of their way to get me up there safely and comfortably and make the landings as gentle as possible.”
Bonnie D.
“I went to my first class today and it was amazing. Nothing to be scared of. Everything to be excited about. You will learn a lot. Thanks to Jon, Amy, and Meredith for a great learning experience. Catch you on the flip side!”
Melissa L.

Hey – wait, I want to be flexible and strong. . .

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