Revolution Trapeze LLC COVID-19 risk mitigation and re-opening plan

COVID-19 will force major changes to the daily operation of Revolution Trapeze. As a business that relies on physical proximity and contact with our clientele, major changes have to be made to ensure the safety of our staff, students and the public at large.  


Policy Changes and Operating Protocols for 2020 Operating Season

What you as a Revolution flyer can expect this year:


  1. Revolution will follow all relevant public health mandates and protocols from local, state and federal government agencies. 

  2. Revolution has decided that for the safety of our staff and our community as a whole we will only be allowing existing students who meet certain size, age, and ability measures to attend classes during Phase Two of Governor Baker’s reopening plan for Massachusetts.  

    1. We will not be allowing children to fly, defined in this instance as anyone who would not be able to take off without a belt hold.  

    2. Adult flyers who still require a belt hold will be assessed on a case by case basis prior to registration. Students who are nearer to board independence will be allowed to fly and their training will focus on gaining that independence.  

    3. Because of the high amount of close physical contact required when working with new students, beginners will not be allowed this season.  

    4. There will be no open online registration this season, all registrations must be done through email with the office.  

    5. These conditions will be reexamined and restrictions removed during Phase Three of the Governor’s plan if deemed appropriate by Revolution management.  

  3. Class sizes will be reduced from ten students to five.  Class lengths will be reduced from 120 minutes to 75 minutes.  The extra 15 minutes will be our gift to students for their understanding of our new policies and their continued patronage.  

    1. Classes will run as sessions rather than drop in classes.  

    2. We will run 4-week sessions and not allow students to break into classes they have not registered for.  

    3. Students wishing to take multiple classes in a week will have restricted options so as to not intermingle the coaching staff and the student body.  

    4. Similarly, the same staff will be assigned to each session and group of students each week, to keep the same groups together at all times. 

    5. Class prices will remain the same as the 2019 season, as class size has been reduced further than length so students will be getting more time per dollar than in previous seasons.  Class payments will be accepted by cash, check or credit card as always. 

  4. Classes will not include catching for the foreseeable future.  We will reevaluate catching as class sessions end (approximately every five weeks) and a return to catching will be made based on the government’s reopening phase guidelines as well as the comfort of our catchers and flyers.  

  5. We will be restricting our space (defined as inside our perimeter rope, which will be a physical barrier to cordon off the class area) to staff and students only.  While Revolution is an open air facility, during the 2020 season we will not be continuing our practice of welcoming friends and family of students nor passersby to enter our space to observe class or socialize.

  6. Entry into Revolution space will require the following:

    1. Confirmed registration for flying class or private training

    2. Well fitted face mask

    3. Temperature check by Revolution staff

    4. Self-certification of personal risk and personal exposure probability

    5. Hand washing and sanitizing

  7. Masks are required to cover the nose and mouth at all times.  Masks should fit snugly on all sides. Whenever possible a wire fitting snugly over the bridge of the nose is encouraged, as are masks with elastic ear loops or full elastic loops.  Bandannas hanging loose around the chin are not permissible.  Loose tie straps on the back of the skull will not be allowed, but tie masks are permissible if the tie ends can be secured to reduce the chance they get caught in the net.  Other mask styles will be visually evaluated (from a distance) by Revolution staff and allowed or disallowed at their discretion.  No one will be allowed in the space without a mask! If a mask is rejected by the staff and the student does not have an alternate mask they will be asked to leave.

  8. All persons (staff and students) entering our space will be temperature checked using an iHealth Thermometer PT3 thermometer, which will be administered by a Revolution staff member equipped with appropriate PPE and maintaining distance as allowed by the thermometer.

  9. Before entering the space, all persons must certify they are healthy and have not participated in any activities that would put them at high risk for exposure or been knowingly exposed to COVID-19. A brief questionnaire will be provided, to which students and staff must verbally agree before entering, certifying that they:

    1. Have not had a sudden onset of symptoms in the past 72 hours (current symptoms list will be provided as identified by the CDC. As of 5/16/20, symptoms include cough, diarrhea, fever, headache, muscle aches, shortness of breath, sore throat and/or unexplained loss of taste or smell)

    2. Have not traveled outside of New England in the past 14 days

    3. Have no knowledge or suspicion that they may have been exposed to COVID-19 in the past 14 days

  10. All persons (staff and students) will be required to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds upon entering the space, using sink and soap provided by the school.  Paper towels will be provided for drying of hands but air drying is encouraged when possible/appropriate.  Students wishing to bring their own soap will be allowed to do so, but are encouraged to bring environmentally friendly soap.

  11. Students arriving late to class will be processed for entry at the convenience of available staff.

  12. Any family members or other guests traveling with students will not be allowed in the space, but will be allowed to observe from outside our perimeter.  Students may not go within six feet of a person outside the Revolution space during class.  If they do need to interact with someone who has not gone through Revolution’s cleaning and certification protocols, they will be required to exit the space for that interaction and repeat Revolution’s cleaning protocol before re-entering Revolution’s space.

  13. Similarly, pets traveling with students will not be allowed in the student waiting space, and there will be no physical contact with any pet by any person other than its owner.  Island dogs will be encouraged to stay away from the facility, but if/when they do enter students and staff will not be allowed to physically interact with them.  There will be absolutely no feeding of the island dogs permitted.  

  14. We will have thirty minute breaks between classes to allow students to leave before the next group arrives. No hanging around the rig will be allowed.  This time will also be used to clean/disinfect any and all high touch surfaces used during class.  

    1. Students will not be allowed into the space until 15 minutes before their scheduled class.  

    2. Students needing more than fifteen minutes for their warm up may do so outside the Revolution space.

  15. Students will be required to provide their own chalk container.  See a list of recommended suppliers here.

    1. Cloth chalk bags are encouraged and may be clipped to the safety belt while climbing the ladder then tossed into the apron of the net before the flyer takes off for their turn and retrieved upon landing.  

    2. Hard side chalk containers will not be allowed off the ground.  

    3. Revolution will have chalk bags kits available for purchase onsite (kits include a chalk bag, chalk, and a carabiner).

    4. Links to chalk bag vendors will also be posted on our website

  16. Students will be strongly encouraged to purchase their own safety belt from a reputable manufacturer.  See a list of recommended suppliers here.

    1. All belts will be subject to inspection by Revolution staff and may be rejected for safety reasons resulting in that flyer not being allowed to fly until they replace their belt.  

    2. Belt suppliers will be recommended to students to facilitate procurement of a quality belt. 

    3. Limited quantities of belts will be made available for purchase on site.

    4. Revolution may require all students to purchase their own belt if belt cleaning protocols are deemed hazardous to the belts.  Students should be aware this change may be enacted without notice and belt order time may be several weeks depending on supplier and current demand.

    5. Links to reputable belt suppliers will be provided through Revolution’s website

  17. During class, there will be no more than one student allowed on board at a time.  Students will be required to remain outside the rise ladder until instructed to come to the center by the coach on board.  

    1. Students will be taught to connect their own safety lines and will have their lines checked by the coach on board.  

    2. Students will be taught to unclip and return the safety lines and roll out of the net independently as soon as appropriate.  

    3. Students will refrain from climbing to the board before the board coach is ready for them.  

    4. Time spent on board will be minimized and no unnecessary talking, including coaching, will take place.  

    5. Any interactions that must take place should be done in a manner that avoids face to face exposure as much as possible.

    6. Staff and students should be conscientious to not switch hand holds more than necessary.  

  18. There will be no practice bar coaching.  There will be no low bar for warming up/conditioning.

  19. The port-a-potty will be moved within Revolution’s perimeter and its use restricted to Revolution staff and students.  Staff and students will be asked to wash their hands before entering and required to wash and sanitize upon exiting the port-a-potty.  The port-a-potty will be cleaned at the start of each work day and after each fly session in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and using an EPA approved, list N, cleaning product.

  20. Revolution will eliminate the following items from their typical availability to both staff and students: Ice water, snacks, sun screen, bug spray, hair elastics, tape, nail clippers and files, reusable ice packs.  

    1. We will still provide all the basic first aid products we typically need: Band-Aids, instant (single use) ice packs.  

    2. Distribution and use of these items will be done while maintaining COVID protocols with respect to hand washing and sanitizing as well as maintaining distancing as much as possible.  

    3. No students will be allowed in the trailer to get first aid supplies.

  21. Revolution’s existing rule for only staff to be allowed into the trailer will be strictly enforced.  Revolution will be solely responsible for the setup, cleaning and disinfecting of the site at the start of each day and the cleaning disinfecting and closing of the site at the end of each work day.  Students will no longer be allowed to help set up or take down chairs, mats or any other equipment.

  22. Revolution will post signage in accordance with the state requirements as it pertains to COVID-19 protocols and Revolution’s operation as a closed site.  Weatherproof signage should be present in key areas, reminding all of the “rules” around hand washing/sanitizing, social distancing, wearing masks, etc. 

  23. Fly bars will be changed after every class and either disinfected or stripped, disinfected and re-taped before use.

  24. Spotting line carabiners will be swapped after every class and/or disinfected before reuse.

  25. Sanitation practices will be done in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.  Cleaning and sanitization products used will be selected in compliance with the EPA List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2.   All high touch, ‘hard’ and ‘soft’, surfaces will be cleaned after each class by Revolution staff.  

  26. In the event of a confirmed COVID exposure at Revolution trapeze all activities will cease immediately and not resume for a period of no less than three days.  All staff and all students with potential exposure will be informed of the situation via email, or phone call in the case of staff or students who might be on their way to the facility.  A thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the site will take place immediately with whatever staff participating in that cleaning being provided with PPE.  All policies laid out in this document will be reevaluated to see if modifications can be made to prevent a similar exposure event in the future.


These policies shall remain in place until such time as the federal, state and local governments deem it safe to return to pre-COVID protocols.


All protocols laid out herein are subject to review and change as new COVID science emerges and the threat of infection changes.  Revolution will relax or tighten rules and restrictions as necessary and without prior notification if emergency changes are required.




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