That’s Right – Catch Lock Training is Available at Revolution!

We’re excited to debut “catch lock Thursdays” this summer. We won’t have any flying classes on Thursday nights but Jon will be running catch lock privates all evening long. Engineering is underway for our low catch crane so you won’t need to worry about climbing to the high catch trap until you are comfortable. Sessions cost $30 and include a combination of the following: Lock mechanics, rope climbing, flexibility, conditioning, catch swing mechanics, catch timing and eventually actual catching!

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“It was my first time and I had a blast! I’ll be back again!”
Justin T.
“A++, would fly again! You’d think having knees that don’t really bend would be a big detriment to flying trap, but everyone went out of their way to get me up there safely and comfortably and make the landings as gentle as possible.”
Bonnie D.
“I went to my first class today and it was amazing. Nothing to be scared of. Everything to be excited about. You will learn a lot. Thanks to Jon, Amy, and Meredith for a great learning experience. Catch you on the flip side!”
Melissa L.

What? I can learn how to catch someone?

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