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There's no need to be nervous - we promise.

First time students can expect to learn a lot in their first class. When you arrive at the school you’ll be
greeted by our team of coaches and given a waiver to sign. When that is done you’ll get a quick "tour" of
the facility (it's a big field) and shown where you can put your things and change if you need to. We also have a pot-a-potty should you need to use the restroom.

When class starts, a coach will walk you through every detail of what you are about to learn, from how to
climb to the platform (also known as the pedestal board), to how to hang by your knees on the trapeze bar and even how to do a backflip dismount into the net. Students will be fitted with a safety belt and fly with the safety lines attached to their safety belt and the net below them at all times. Students fly one at a time so they have the full
attention of their safety lines coach while they are in the air. We provide coaching for our flyers
constantly, from the coach on board talking through good takeoff technique, to the coach on safety lines
coaching flyers through their skills as they happen, to a third coach on the ground providing additional
coaching after your turn to clarify anything that wasn’t quite clear as you were swinging through the air
or giving you step by step instructions on a new skill when you’ve mastered an old one.

Students practice their flying skills for the first 90 minutes of class, then we take a quick break to talk
through the most exciting part of class, catching! The staff catcher for that class will talk through how
catching works with first time flyers before climbing up to the catch trapeze. Flyers then take turns
doing their knee hang and the catcher catches them by the wrists to complete the catch. We give every
student who is ready two turns during the catching portion of class just in case things don’t go perfectly
the first time through.

After class we talk through everything that happened during class and suggest things to learn in the next
class (there’s always something new to learn) as well as tips for exercises you can do at home to help
you get better faster!

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