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Looking to focus on a specific skill? Love the idea of getting to perform for your friends? Just need a little structure and accountability in your training? A flying trapeze workshop might be the perfect fit for you!

Our flying trapeze workshops offer the stability of regularly scheduled training time paired with consistent staff with assigned roles for the workshop (ie: same catcher for every class), and the opportunity to show off your skills in an end of workshop show!

So what exactly does that mean for you? Most of our workshops run for five weeks with a performance on the Saturday evening after the last session. You sign up and pay once for the entire workshop, so that part is super easy.  Then you get to train with the same three coaches ensuring you receive the most consistent coaching we can provide, and fly with the same group of students so you can support each other and enjoy everyone’s success. 


Because you have the same lines coach and the same catcher for every class you can dial in the skills you are working on for maximum likelihood of success in the show. Each student gets to try two catches in the show, either two skills they have been working on or two chances at a bigger trick that they're having trouble catching regularly.


Workshops can also be a great time to work on skills like remounting the board and returning to the bar from your catches, as well as fancy warm up swings and dismounts for students who are ready for those skills.

Class cards are accepted for workshop classes. Workshop students are allowed one make-up class per five week session. Weather related cancelations are credited to student’s accounts and we do our best to have available workshop staff in their workshop position for make-ups.

Workshop Pricing

Workshops are $315.

Class Cards

Class cards are accepted for workshops. Class cards are available for students who plan on flying multiple times throughout the season. Flying Trapeze cards are available for 7, 14, and 21 classes and provide discounts of up to 20% off of our regular class pricing.

Class Cards

  • 7 Classes: $430

  • 14 Classes: $820

  • 21 Classes: $1160

  • Workshops: $315

To purchase a class card, ask any staff member or call 617.575.9005

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great gift for a frequent flyer, or a friend you KNOW would love to fly. They are available in any denomination and can be used towards flying trapeze and aerial classes, any other class, or merchandise.

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