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Have you ever had dreams you could fly?  Yeah, us too.

Revolution's basic class structure is a 2 hour flying trapeze session for up to 10 students. Open level classes welcome all flyers, from first timers to visiting professionals.

Class Overview

Revolution’s standard class structure is a two hour flying trapeze class for up to 10 students, weeknight classes are 90 minutes and are capped at 7 students.  


Classes are offered in three levels, open, intermediate, and advanced.  See level descriptions and requirements here.


Class begins with ground instruction for new students, going over what they will be learning that day.  Returning students get a review of the skills they are working on and what they want to focus on during that class.  After participating in warmup the students put safety belts on and jump right into flying! All beginner students wear safety lines while flying, and a coach assists them with their landing in the net.  More advanced students may be approved by our coaches to perform skills without safety lines (but always with the net! This isn’t Hollywood after all).


Students take turns on the trapeze and so receive personalized instruction both on the board as they learn to take off, while they are flying and executing their new skills, and on the ground to continue their progression.  During class students can expect anywhere from 5-10 turns before catching depending on the size of class and then two turns during the catching portion of class.  Coaching between turns combines verbal and physical coaching on the ground or on our low ‘practice’ bar to maximize every student's progress during class.  We practice skills for about 90 minutes and then spend the last half hour of class catching.  During catching students who have mastered a skill are caught in mid-air by one of our staff catchers!  


After class we talk about what went right and what we can work on in the next class, either continuing the skills we have already begun to learn or moving on to more advanced skills. 

First time and still nervous? Check out our guide to what to expect for your first class here!

Class Levels Overview

Open level:  

This flying trapeze class is appropriate for flyers of all abilities.  Class consists of a mandatory structured warm up with our coaches followed by skills practice and catching. 

Warm up will start at the scheduled class time or when all registered students have arrived, whichever happens first.  Late arriving students will be warmed up by staff as time allows and will not be permitted to fly until they have completed the warm up.

Skills practice includes personalized instruction on the ground or practice bar to improve existing skills or learn new ones and practical application of that coaching in the air.  A class order will be established and flyers will take turns on the rig with both real time coaching while they are flying and developmental coaching after each turn.

Classes will conclude with a staff catcher giving flyers the opportunity to execute their skills and attempt to complete the catch.


Intermediate level

Intermediate level flyers are required to have a one handed takeoff, have or be working towards, an unassisted takeoff, and be learning to swing.

Structured warmup will be provided but intermediate students have the option to warm themselves up independently.  Independent warm ups must be done onsite and in view of Revolution coaches.  

Skills practice and catching will follow the open level structure.


Advanced level:

Advanced level flyers are required to have an out of lines swing and be comfortable working board for themselves and others, both in and out of lines.

Structured warm ups will not be provided for advanced classes, students will be required to warm themselves up onsite before they climb the ladder.  Advice, instruction and warm up suggestions will be available for 15 minutes before the scheduled start of class

Skills training will follow the same structure as other classes with the possibility of students having to work board for themselves and others.

Catching will follow the same structure as other classes with out of lines catching being offered unless the assigned catcher deems it unsafe for physical or environmental reasons. 

Out of Lines Policy

Revolution Trapeze allows intermediate and advanced flyers who meet certain criteria to fly without safety lines.


Senior staff will assess a flyer's ability to take off, execute a skill, and land in the net safely and consistently.  Once those criteria are met students must execute their skill into the net with the ‘clam’ a minimum of two times before going to the net without the clam.  The clam is a safety mat placed in the net which reduces the bounce of the net allowing flyers to land less than perfectly with minimal risk of injury due to secondary bounces/landings.


Flying skills, catches, and returns will all be assessed and progressed using this same process.  


Advanced flyers with extensive out of lines experience may be allowed to execute newer skills out of lines without the use of the clam as deemed appropriate by staff.  This includes flyers visiting from other rigs and visiting professionals as appropriate.


If at any point any Revolution staff feels a particular skill should go back in-lines, or be executed with the clam, students must comply with that instruction.  We understand that progress is not linear and as skills are improved they may become inconsistent or land differently because they are higher, faster, or rotating differently than before.

Class Pricing

Flying trapeze classes are normally $65/class – but we have a few options for the frequent flyer to help you save some of your hard-earned cash.

Class Cards

Class cards are available for students who plan on flying multiple times throughout the season. Flying Trapeze cards are available for 7, 14, and 21 classes and provide discounts of up to 20% off of our regular class pricing.

Class Cards

  • 7 Classes: $430

  • 14 Classes: $820

  • 21 Classes: $1160

  • Workshops: $315

To purchase a class card, ask any staff member or call 617.575.9005

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great gift for a frequent flyer, or a friend you KNOW would love to fly. They are available in any denomination and can be used towards flying trapeze and aerial classes, any other class, or merchandise.

Class Overview
Class Levels Overview
Out of Lines Policy

I liked your [Stretch & Strengthen] class. Next time I was in yoga, I found myself able to do splits on both sides for the first time in years.


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