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See it from the other side.

Dreaming of becoming a flying trapeze catcher? Looking for a great ab workout? Just curious about what your staff catcher is going through up there?  Catch lock classes are a great way to expand your Revolution experience and gain useful knowledge and strength you can take back to your flying or take forward into a career as a catcher!

Catch lock classes are structured as 30 minute private lessons. Students work one on one with a coach as they learn the physical mechanics of getting into a catch lock then work their way up to doing locks with a full swing and eventually even catching a person!

Lessons begin on a low catch trapeze where the coach can help them through the positions. Once they have learned them the students builds a swing and progresses through the positions and works up to executing their catch lock (we call it throwing a lock). When students are comfortable and proficient throwing their locks on the low catch trap they can move up to throwing locks on the standard catch trap just like their coaches. Students who gain proficiency in the high catch trap progress to learning additional skills required to catch people like calling catch timing for the flyer and injury prevention both for the catcher and flyer. 

Students who have mastered all those skills may be invited to catch a Revolution coach during their lesson and or be invited to participate in a student catcher showcase with fellow student catchers!

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